Wildwood Pens

My beautifully handcrafted wooden pens are made from "Stablized" woods. 

The Paua pens use Paua shell harvested from New Zealands southern most Paua beads

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Wildwood Pens

All the wood used in our Gorse range of pens is harvested from the hills around Dunedin and Mosgiel in New Zealand. This wood is then subjected to a chemical stabilisation process that ensures they will not crack or shrink.

By purchasing one of our pens you are contributing, albeit in a small way, to the control of very invasive and noxious weeds such as Gorse and Broom

This is Ulex Europaeous or Gorse. The wood from this plant is also know as Furze and this is what our handcrafted wooden pens is made from