What is Stablization

First, some background. Wood, as you may know, is a natural material, and wood moves. Differences in humidity and temperature can cause wood to expand or contract, changing sizes, warping and cracking. This is caused by water absorbed into the wood, causing expansion, or water being lost from the wood, causing contraction. This is a problem if you want to use wood for something requiring tight tolerances, like making a pen.

To eliminate this problem my pen blanks are firstly dried to remove all the water. Then they are subjected to absolute zero vacuum which removes all the trapped air. The space that was occupied by the air is now replaced by a special clear resin. Once the blanks are saturated with resin they are baked in an oven for several hours causing the resin to set. Once cooled the blanks are now ready to be transformed into spectacular pens that will last indefinitely.