Handcraft Wooden Pen Created from a Gorse Burl
Marbled Highlights in Wooden Gorse Pen

Handcraft Wooden Pen Made From Gorse Burl

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 A beautifully handcrafted pen made from a rare New Zealand Gorse Burl. The pen is adorned with  Black Chrome components. This pen has spectacular grain that flashes and shimmers in sunlight. 

A very difficult pen to photograph. I guarantee you will be astounded at the beauty of this pen.

The wood for this pen was harvested from a dead plant that I stumbled upon which had a small burl that I was able to harvest and extract enough wood for only a few pens. The exquisite marbling in the wood make this a very unique pen


All my pens come to you in an attractive clear acrylic presentation case.

Material: New Zealand  gorse wood. Premium quality Rose Gold plated components.

Refill: Cross type of medium thickness

Length: 13cm

Diameter: 1cm

Weight: 24g