Pen contains genuine New Zealand Paua shell also known as Abalone

Paua Ball Pen with Silver Jewelled Centre Ring

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High quality handcrafted Paua pens are a unique and rare work of art. Paua is a species of abalone that is unique to the waters around New Zealand. The further south that the Paua is harvested the better the quality and colour of the shell. Wildwood Pens Paua shell is harvested from the southern most Paua beds and hence the colour in our Paua pens is unequalled. 

The material for these pens was sliced and cast in a high quality acrylic allowing the true brilliant colour of the material to shine through. Paua is a unique material which makes this pen a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates fine writing instruments.

This pens fittings are Silver plate and a jewel encrusted centre band.

The Pen is fitted with a standard Cross refill that is readily available and comes in a simulated leather case.